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Vitamin Masterclass

Vitamin Masterclass is a wonderful seven part series which condenses 80 years of documented vitamin knowledge and condenses it into seven educational lessons. But not only educational – it’s also fascinating and highly entertaining. Get FREE access to Lesson 1 & 2.

Megavitamin Formula

The MegaVitamin Formula Course is Andrew Saul’s flagship vitamin course. Over 10 hours of pure video content plus LIVE Q&A’s have made this the web’s Number One Vitamin Course for the last five years running.
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Live Longer, Feel Better!

“Live Longer, Feel Better!” is a documentary series which we are very proud of. We travelled the globe for three years, interviewing scores of experts to produce the ten episodes that make up the series.
If we had to choose one word to sum up the series it would be “encouraging”. It’s an uplifting yet challenging series and we cover a wide range of crucial topics.
Get FREE access to the first 2 episodes.

Two Lessons from an Acclaimed Vitamin Series with the World’s #1 expert

For close on 45 years Andrew Saul has been teaching people how to use vitamins instead of drugs. Never was his voice more needed than it is today.

Hear his recommendations for using common every day vitamins to prevent and treat some of today’s most notorious diseases (and viruses!). Andrew does NOT sell or endorse vitamin products, so you can be sure of an honest opinion.

Access Lesson One from the Megavitamin Formula.

The MegaVitamin Formula Course (or MVF for short) is the top rated vitamin course available on the web. Andrew first started teaching it five years ago – and it still sells out every time it is made available. Enjoy the first lesson on us.

Two episodes from
Live Longer, Feel Better!

Trevor King here. “Live Longer” is my personal favorite out of everything that we have produced. It’s a ten part documentary series made with my good friend Mike Beattie – a Royal Award winning director and producer. I am delighted to give you full and complete access to all ten episodes. Enjoy.


“I loved their Live Longer, Feel Better Series. So much good information from reliable sources about how to heal naturally. Well researched and informative, it is ahead of the times…”

— Hilary Bradford

“Thank you, Dr Saul, for all you do. I’ve learned so much from your Vitamin Masterclass. I’m approaching 60 and on no medications and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.”

— Donna Gosselin-Schaaf

“I send you a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for the MegaVitamin Formula Course we just concluded.  I thoroughly enjoyed it…  The only thing I enjoyed as much as the material was your brilliant delivery!”

— Tom

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