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Molecular Hydrogen – 750 studies and counting!

The science behind these amazing machines.


Health Studies And Research

We have found over 750 studies on the benefits of hydrogen that have inspired us to do what we do. We have not paid for a single one to be made. These are all studies that have been created from third party funding. Below are some of the studies and articles that we have found online and wanted to share with you.

Keep in mind, it is extremely important for you to understand that while we absolutely believe that everyone should be drinking hydrogen enriched water, we in no way make curative claims to any specific disease or pathology.*

These studies are shared for educational purposes only. They are not shared to indicate any outcome for anyone with a similar or same disease or pathology. The studies show potential or possible outcomes. There are no protocols, drugs, natural methods, or techniques that are 100% effective. Every individual is different and diseases are complex.*

Molecular Hydrogen Studies

ANTIOXIDANTS Hydrogen Is The Ultimate Antioxidant – Nature Medicine
DIABETES Hydrogen shown to regulate blood glucose levels Hydrogen water for antioxidants, glucose uptake, and insulin signaling
LIVER Anti-inflammatory properties of H2 investigation on parasite-induced liver inflammation
BRAIN DISORDER Neurological disorders and molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen helps with Parkinsons. Hydrogen water and Depression Hydrogen water and Autism
PAIN AND OTHERS Rheumatoid Arthritis
EYES/EARS Hydrogen hypothesis on cataracts
SKIN AND COLLAGEN Hydrogen effects on collagen and wrinkles
ANAEROBIC MICROFLORA Selective stimulation of the growth of anaerobic microflora in the human intestinal tract with electrolyzed reducing (hydrogen) water
CANCER Big Chemo company finds out that hydrogen actually cured colon cancer in their study
METABOLISM Hydrogen helps to improve obesity
ATHLETES Cut Revovery Times In Half!
DIET How diet affects the gut

Water Articles

BOTTLED WATER There are over 24,500 chemicals in bottled water
DRUGS IN THE WATER Pharmeceutical drugs found in your drinking water
WATER INTAKES How much water should you drink daily?

Our Filtration Quality

Glyposhate Study A study on an Echo filter proving the removal of Glyphosate (Roundup).
ECHO-FILTER Here's what is inside an Echo filter & what that filter rewmoves.