Affiliate Opportunities

We deliver extremely attractive EPL’s to qualified affiliates in the health niche. We do it through live webinar sales of carefully chosen, high end health products. If YOU can drive traffic in this niche, WE can deliver amazing returns.

Last 12 Months Revenue

Highest Single Event EPL

Average EPL

Our Current Product Offerings

(Each of these products is a separate webinar)

BrainTap Device

  • A Meditation Aid
  • $4.37 Average EPL
  • $239 – $677 price point
  • $620 ACV
  • 20% commission
  • Studies

Qi EMF Devices

  • Proven EMF Blocking
  • $8.39 Average EPL
  • $495 – $5497 price point
  • $1,772 ACV
  • 20% commission
  • Studies

 Echo H2 Water

  • Hydrogen Water System
  • $5.58 Average EPL
  • $950 – $2295 price point
  • $1,475 ACV
  • 20% commission
  • Studies

Infrared Sauna

  • Portable, low EMF Sauna
  • $3.29 Average EPL
  • $799 – $899 price point
  • $809 ACV
  • 20% commission
  • Studies

Customised Promotional Graphics provided

Plus we can supply proven swipe copy

And we follow up with a seven day auto-responder sequence to improve your sales.

How do webinars work?

The Funnel

It’s a very simple funnel.

We will set up a custom landing / opt-in page for you.

The opt-in page with have either:

  1. a short video from your influencer encouraging people to attend (we can give you a sample script), or 
  2. we can just have an opt-in graphic on it instead.

You as the affiliate then send email traffic to that page.

We do recommend 2-3 solo emails to your list in the 7 days before the scheduled webinar date. (Re-sends to non opens are also recommended for the best results.) Currently we are seeing that Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday nights are working best for live show up rates.



We have a few different angles you can take when promoting the webinar.

You can simply send an email recommending the product and saying you have just become aware of it and that it’s the “in thing” in the health community OR

You can send a “My friend and fellow health-advocate Trevor King made an amazing discovery that he didn’t expect when he was making the film Live Longer……

“We have swipes for both of the above that you can personalize if required. This is the gist of it – it’s working extremely well for everyone concerned.



When we have confirmed the webinar date we will request a logo and/or photo that we can use on your custom made graphics to help you promote on social media. Please note that we encourage you to use email as your main promotion platform for the best opt-in rates.


Offer and Replay

After the webinar finishes we will automatically kick off our seven day offer and replay period. We have created a complex campaign targeting live viewers and non viewers. We will reach out to any non viewers encouraging them to make sure they watch the webinar replay. Viewers of the live or replay will get daily emails throughout the period specifically designed based on when they view.

These emails will send them the webinar slides, studies and much more, all encouraging them to purchase. We are currently seeing about 80% of sales coming in during this “post-webinar” period.

Email our affiliate manager (Linzi) at [email protected] for more information
Please note: We will do solo webinars for mailing lists over 100K, for anyone with a list smaller than this we will do a joint webinar with another similar affiliate.