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Vitamin Masterclass

Vitamin Masterclass is a wonderful seven part series which condenses 80 years of documented vitamin knowledge and condenses it into seven educational lessons. But not only educational – it’s also fascinating and highly entertaining. Watch the trailer below.

Live Longer, Feel Better!

“Live Longer, Feel Better!” is a documentary series which we are very proud of. We travelled the globe for three years, interviewing scores of experts to produce the ten episodes that make up the series.
If we had to choose one word to sum up the series it would be “encouraging”. It’s an uplifting yet challenging series and we cover a wide range of crucial topics.

Core Strength

Your core is the most important part of your muscle development as it supports your spine, back, and lungs. Build it properly.

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We challenge our members daily to push themselves in ways they never have before. Pushing your body and your mind is what increases strenth and endurance long term.

First two Episodes from
Live Longer, Feel Better!

Jen has decasdes of fitness and training experinece, and competed worldwide in many competitions. She is not only an expert in teaching you how to get in better shape, but can push you to do so all along the way. You’re going to love her.

Great feedback from our members

“I loved their Live Longer, Feel Better Series. So much good information from reliable sources about how to heal naturally. Well researched and informative, it is ahead of the times…”

— Hilary Bradford

“Thank you, Dr Saul, for all you do. I’ve learned so much from your Vitamin Masterclass. I’m approaching 60 and on no medications and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.”

— Donna Gosselin-Schaaf

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Yeah we provide tailroed meal plans that can be customized to fit your individual and unque needs. You need to eat, but you need to eat healthy. We get that.

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