That Vitamin Movie Interviews

TVM Unlimited includes 31 interviews that went into making the film. Some of these experts very rarely agree to appear on film, making their interviews even more special.

“Faith, Hope & Cancer” Movie

Faith, Hope & Cancer is a Three Part documentary series which we made after That Vitamin Movie.

“Faith, Hope & Cancer” Interviews

Every single one of them is included here, hours of real wisdom from people who have walked the walk with cancer.

My Healthy Child

An interview series with 21 experts on how to raise the happiest, healthiest children possible.

That Vitamin Summit 1, 2 & 3

Our Vitamin Summit events. 62 Interviews where Michael and Andrew Saul co host.

Live Longer, Feel Better! Select Episodes

The series that I am most proud of. It has grown into a wonderful ten part documentary that people genuinely love.

Faith, Hope & Healing Event

They say ‘the more you tell, the more you sell’ which is true…

Depression Videos from my own experience

These are interviews and presentations that have rarely seen the light of day before, only to very intimate groups.

Vitamin Masterclass Sample

Presented by the wonderful Andrew Saul (in a way that only he can present) it touches all sorts of topics.

MegaVitamin Formula Course Sample

This isn’t strictly a “Live Better Group” production, I personally produced this with Andrew Saul and we have seen it become the web’s number ONE vitamin course.

“State of Your Health” Event

This was the very first online event that I ever produced. I was very naïve at the time about what was required to host and produce an online event – so it got very little exposure.

Bonus Books and Webinars:

As a bonus we are throwing in 10 Ebooks and 7 Webinars.