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Here’s everything you’ll get…

Item #1:

“That Vitamin Movie” Interviews

Now watched over 2 million times, this was the film that started it all for me. My depression at the time led me to seek natural treatments and that led me to Andrew Saul.
My friend Michael Beattie, a film director just retiring from the BBC, suggested I document the journey. Thus, That Vitamin Movie was born.
TVM Unlimited includes 31 interviews that went into making the film. Some of these experts very rarely agree to appear on film, making their interviews even more unique.
*Sadly the film itself is still under license to another organisation, so we can’t include the actual film on the USB. We have however included the first 30 minutes of the movie along with all the interviews…
Interviews include: (click to open)
Andrew W. Saul
Dr. Joseph Mercola
Sayer Ji
Dr. Eric Zielinski
Dr. David Jockers
Dr. Derrick DeSilva
Dr. Kelly Brogan
Dr. David Brownstein
Dr. Alan Gaby
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
Dr. Tom Levy
Dr. Ron Hunninghake
Erin Elizabeth
Dr. Victor-Marcial Vega
Helen Saul Case
Phillip Day
Dr. Jorge Miranda Massari
Dr. Carolyn Dean
Trudy Scott, CN
Dr. Michael Gonzalez
Actual Review of That Vitamin Movie.

“It was a welcome breath of fresh air! So articulate and informative. It was wonderful getting the inside scoop of Vit. C that I knew so much about, but, didnt know anything that was really helpful and I thank you Andrew. This was so enjoyable, and I love your sense of humor. Thanks so much for being in the healing community. It inspired my quest to keep educating people about Food as your medicine, and hope people will become empowered to take control of their health and invest wisely to maintain their wellness. Thank you”

Rachelle Neher

Item #2:

“Faith, Hope & Cancer” Movie

Faith, Hope & Cancer is a Three Part documentary series which we made after That Vitamin Movie. We travelled to Mexico for a close look at the Hope For Cancer clinics which operate there and interviewed both patients and doctors. But this film is much more than just that journey. It’s a full exploration of how faith in your own healing can affect the speed and depth of the healing itself. A very hopeful and uplifting journey. All three parts are included in full.
An Actual Review of Faith, Hope & Cancer.

“This movie was absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much Michael and Trevor. To have so many doctors speaking about healing and the Lord just filled my heart with joy and as Robert Scott Belll says, “Vit L” is so vital. It is love that makes the world goes go round, how wonderful.”

Colleen Foster

Item #3:

“Faith, Hope & Cancer” Interviews

As with That Vitamin Movie, there were so many different interviews that went into making the “Faith, Hope & Cancer” documentary. Every single one of them is included here, hours of real wisdom from people who have walked the walk with cancer.
Interviews include: (click to open)
Dr. Tony Jimenez
Dr. Eric Zielinski
Chris Wark
Ty Bollinger
Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat
Dr. Jonathan Stegall
Josh Axe
KC Craichy
Marcy Jimenez
Richard Rohr OFM
Andrew W. Saul
Enoch DeBus
Dr. David Jockers
Charlene Bollinger
Robert Scott Bell
Dr. Darrell Wolfe
Sabrina Zielinski
Paul Barattiero
Paul Haller
Whitney Hughes
An Actual Review of Faith, Hope & Cancer.

“Awesome presentation of faith, hope, and love, as well as introduction to alternative treatments. The presenters instilled hope and confidence, and were a joy to hear. Thanks to you all.”

Dennis O'Neal

Item #4:

My Healthy Child, with Helen Saul Case

Helen Saul Case (daughter of Andrew Saul) is your host for one of our most enduring online events.
My Healthy Child is an interview series with 21 experts on how to raise the happiest, healthiest children possible.

The series is popular to this day because the message is a timeless one. If you have young kids or Grandkids in your life, you need this.

Interviews include: (click to open)
Helen Saul Case – Common Infections & Nutritional Solutions (1)/ Common Infections & Nutritional Solutions (2)
Andrew W. Saul – Allergies, Asthma, Earaches, and More
Chris Wark – Your Child and Cancer
James Maskell – Healthy Kids, Low Cost Solution
Dr. Eric & Mama Z – Essential Oils and Your Child
Dr. Jill Carnahan – Healthy Guts, Crohn’s, and Kids
Sayer Ji – Things Your Children Should (and must) Avoid
Dr. Carolyn Dean – Magnesium & More
Dr. Anne Zauderer – Children and Sugar
Dr. Josh Gitalis – Children’s Nutrition
Dr. David Jockers – Your Child and Stress
Wendy Myers – How to Detox Your Children
Renee Jain – Your Child’s Emotions
Dr. Thomas Levy – Children and Vitamin C
Dr. Tom Malterre – Bacteria, Allergies and Medications
Howard Strauss – Optimal Diets & Vegetable Juicing for Kids
Dr. Ron Hunninghake – Orthomolecular Treatment for Common Children’s Illnesses
Dr. Nicole Shorrock – A Pediatrician’s Experience
Ryan Sternagel – My Kid Cures Cancer

Item #5:

That Vitamin Summit 1

After we produced That Vitamin Movie, there was a huge appetite for vitamin information. The next logical step seemed to be to dig deeper with some more detailed interviews. Some of the experts from the film are here – but there are also a lot of new faces and totally new topics are covered.

Andrew Saul and Michael Beattie ask most of the questions and guide the discussions.

Interviews include: (click to open)
Andrew Saul – Treatment of Common Conditions
Dr Alan Gaby – Nutrition instead of medication
Dr Bonnie Kaplan – Micronutrients
Dr Joseph Mercola – Nutrition from food.
Dr Hyla Cass – Supplementing mental health
Ty Bollinger – Fighting cancer with supplements
Phillip Day – Supplements worldwide
Jordan Rubin – The REAL truth about protein powders
Erin Elizabeth – The unintended series
Dr Ron Hunninghake – Vitamin C treatment
Dr Kate Rheume Bleue – Vitamin K2
Robert Whitaker – The manipulation of mental health
Helen Saul Case – Children and Vitamins
Dr Damien Downing – Allergy treatment
Dr Bo Jonsson – Vitamins and Depression
Dr Derrick-DeSilva – Probiotics and Omega 3’s
Dr David Jockers – Nutrients for a leaky gut.
Dr Thomas Levy – Avoiding and Treating Heart Disease
Dr David Brownstein – Iodine & Health
Dr Carolyn Dean – The magnesium miracle
Helen Saul Case – Women, Health and Vitamins
Sayer Ji – Supplement safety & Nutrition from food.
Wendy Myers FDN – Minerals and Health
Chris Wark – The battle against cancer
Eric Zielinski – Essential oils as supplements
Andrew Saul – Vitamins for an aging population
An Actual Review of That Vitamin Summit.

“The vitamin summit was very informative. I’m upping some of my vitamins and trying to get family involved. Thanks for these great sessions”


Item #6:

That Vitamin Summit 2

The second installment of our vitamin summit events –  covering a vastly wider area of topics. This summit sold for $147 at the time and is still every bit as relevant today as it was a couple of years ago.
Interviews include: (click to open)

Dr Jay Davidson – Your liver and gallbladder
James Colquhoun – Does Food REALLY Matter?
Dr Eric Zielinski – Essential Oils for Metabolic Syndrome
Phillip Day – Whose fault is it that we’re sick?
Tom Malterre – PPI’s and vitamins D&K
Andrew Saul – The ‘B’ Vitamins and Niacin
Dr David Jockers – Supporting the stress response
Dr Alan Gaby – Nutritional Treatment for various diseases
Dr Ron Hunninghake – Vitamin C – the crucial ingredient
Dr Thomas Levy – Antibiotics, Vaccines and Vitamins
Dr Joseph Mercola – Fat for Fuel
Dr Michael Gonzalez – Vitamin C and Cancer
Trevor King – Naturally Cure Depression
Dr Neil Riordan – Stem Cell Treatments
Trudy Scott, CN – Amino acids for anxiety
Sayer Ji – Discussing some lesser known supplements
Helen Saul Case – Vitamins and Vaccines
Dr Victor Marcial-Vega – Integrative Supplementation
Dr V. Desaulniers – Breast Cancer Protocol
Andrew Saul – Putting it all together
Jonathan Landsman – Exposing the worst nutritional advice ever

Item #7:

That Vitamin Summit 3

Episode 3 of our Vitamin Summit events, and the most recent. Andrew Saul is again the co-host and every single interview from the event is included here.
Interviews include: (click to open)
Andrew Saul – How to Get to Vitamin Saturation
Dag Viljen Poleszynski – International Issues in Vitamin Therapy
A.J. Lanigan – Beta Glucan
Dr Daryl Gioffre – Mineral Supplementation
Dr Hyla Cass – CBD and Health
Dr Levy – Medicine and Science
Helen Saul Case – Common Vitamin Concerns
Dr Homer Lim – Vitamin Treatment of Cancer
Dr Joseph Mercola – Niacin
W. Todd Penberthy – Niacin
Dr Ron Hunninghake – Treating Cancer with IV Vitamin C
Dr Carolyn Dean – The Magic of Minerals
Robert Scott Bell – Hydrogen
Andrew Saul (2) – Why you should fire your doctor
Dr Alan Gaby – The Nutritional Treatment of Gastrointestinal Disorders
Benjamin Brown, ND – Nutritional Support for Improving Digestive Health
Dr Gaston Cornu-Labat – Iodine
Tom Malterre – Probiotics, Prebiotics and Gut Testing
Dr Jay Davidson – Building Blocks of the Body

Item #8:

Live Longer, Feel Better! Select Episodes*

“Live Longer, Feel Better!” is the series that I am most proud of. It has grown into a wonderful ten part documentary that people genuinely love. Whether it’s the “homely” nature of Michael’s journey – of the stunning Irish countryside that is interspersed – or indeed just the vast variety of experts – this is an amazing series.

We include 2 episodes on the drive (the series is still under license for a re-release in January 2022). We also include 10 of the very best individual expert interviews that went into making the series what it is.

“I loved this “Live Longer Feel Better” Series. So much good information from reliable sources about how to heal naturally. Well researched and informative, it is ahead of the times…”
Hilary Bradford

Item #9:

Faith, Hope & Healing Event

“Faith Hope and Cancer” as a documentary got much more interest from the public than we expected. What if our true power, the power to heal ourselves, heal each other and even heal our world was already there deep inside of us if only we took the chance and unlocked the door to that potential?
Twenty-one interviews, a great collection of knowledge – and all coming from a place of deep personal faith.
Interviews include: (click to open)
Andrew W. Saul
Betsy Dix
Charlene Bollinger
Chris Wark
Dr Derrick-DeSilva
Dr. Michael Haley
Dr. David Jockers
Dr. Peter Osborne
Dr. Jonathan Stegall
Dr. Tony Jimenez
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
Dr. Darrell Wolfe
Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat
Jonathan Otto
KC Craichy
Kim & Theo Hanson
Michael Tyrell
Paul Barattiero
Robert Scott Bell
Stephen Ezell
Ty Bollinger

A few more details on this amazing package

What exactly is included in each event?

Good Question. If the original release included the MP3 files and the PDF transcripts, then so does this USB. I think that was the case for each release. So whether you learn better by reading, watching or listening, we’ve got you covered.
And remember – since the material is NOT online but on your USB, you can take it with you anywhere you go – on your phone, your tablet or your laptop.

Item #10:

Depression Videos from my own experience

My own depression journey has been a long one. It has lived with me now for over 15 years all told, and it’s still hard to talk about sometimes. These are interviews and presentations that have rarely seen the light of day before, only to very intimate groups. And some filmed when I was at my most raw with depression. I include them in the hope that they can help others.

Item #11:

Vitamin Masterclass Sample

Vitamin Masterclass is our most recent production. Presented by the wonderful Andrew Saul (in a way that only he can present) it touches all sorts of topics. This time around it’s not a talking heads interview, but it’s Andrew presenting a Powerpoint Slide Presentation. It’s a very engaging combination.
We can only include 2 sample episodes as this series is still under license and will be released again in 2021.
An Actual Review of Vitamin Masterclass.

“WOW! First, you think of your audiences: these videos are short, sweet and to the point, complete with examples/case histories. Andrew Saul is so delightfully easy to listen to and I have already learned so much-thanks to you and your team for providing such quality and informational videos. Please consider teaching others how to present information in such a great manner (it is a real skill and many could do well to listen)!”

Patricia Graham

Item #12:

MegaVitamin Formula Course Sample

This isn’t strictly a “Live Better Group” production, I personally produced this with Andrew Saul and we have seen it become the web’s number ONE vitamin course.

It’s a series of 22 video lessons (and stacks of extra bonus items), we’ve included 2 lessons for you and a couple of the bonus videos. There is also a “$100 OFF” coupon should you decide to take the full course.

An Actual Review of MegaVitamin Formula.

“The information in the program was really great but it was a LOT of information :)) as well so being able to refer back is really important to me. The platinum level membership was an investment in my health as well so I want to make sure I get everything out of it.”

Ann Schade

Item #13:

“State of Your Health” Event

This was the very first online event that I ever produced. I was very naive at the time about what was required to host and produce an online event – so it got very little exposure.
I persuaded Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo to co-host with me – and we had an amazing line up of interviewees. The knowledge is still 100% relevant today, and every interview is included.
Interviews include: (click to open)
Dr. Derrick de Silva – Vitamin D, Probiotics, & Omega 3’s
Dr. Josh Axe – It’s All About the Gut
Abel James – Low Carb & High Fat Living
Andrew W. Saul – The Amazing Vitamin C
Dr. Kelly Brogan – Diet, Depression, & The Serotonin Model
Andrea Beaman – Your Thyroid Issue
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – Preventing & Treating Female Cancers
Christa Orrechio – Healing Your Gut Microbiome
Marc David – The Amazing Properties of Food & Nutrition
Sayer Ji – Top Four Health Concepts of 2015
Dr. David Perlmutter – The Amazing Brain & Gut Connection
Robyn O’Brien – A Personal Food Revolution
K. P. Khalsa – Drinking from the Firehose
James Maskell – The Future of Medicine
Helen Saul Case – Children, Vitamins, & Health
Erin Elizabeth – Lyme, Vaccines, & GMO’s
Dr. Frank Lipman – Sleep, Stress, & Sensible Living
Dr. Michael J. Gonzales – Metabolic Correction Theory
Andrew W. Saul – Juicing for Health
Dr. Tom O’Bryan – The Gluten Lie?
Sayer Ji – Putting It All Together

Here are just A FEW of the treatments covered in this HUGE Package!

Natural Cancer Treatments

Depression Protocols

Protecting your immune system

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

Sheltering from harmful EMFs

Heart disease

Chronic respiratory diseases



Influenza and pneumonia


Water Quality

Children's Common health issues

AND… Get All These Bonuses Absolutely Free!

Now, if that isn’t enough to encourage you to take action…

…in addition to that crazy amount of video material…

…and the MP3 audios …

…I want to make sure you get the most out of your new order today.

Bonus Books:

Thrive in Overdrive & 101 Ways to Live Longer

We’re including digital versions of Patrick Porter’s Amazon best seller and Trevor’s own 101 Ways to Live Longer, Feel Better!

7 Ways: Depression, Dementia & Diabetes

Three ebooks produced as companions to the “Live Longer” series. Depression, Dementia and Diabetes.

A Depression Protocol & Supplement Guide

Two ebooks put together by Trevor himself, detailing the supplements and protocols that helped with his own depression.

More “Live Longer” ebooks

Another three ebooks that went along with the purchase of “Live Longer” when it was first released.

Bonus Webinars:

Dr Daryl Gioffre

Alkaline diets and brain issues are the two specialties that Dr Gioffre covered for us in this Q&A. Daryl is based in New York City and has tons of celebrity clients.

Dr Tony Jimenez

A Question and Answer session all about cancer with Dr Tony Jimenez, founder of the Hope for Cancer clinics in Mexico. The Q&A covers prevention AND treatment of various forms of cancer.

Gina Bria

Gina is the founder of the Hydration Foundation, based in New York City. She joined us for a lecture and a Q&A session on hydration. What we learned was not at all what we expected.

Dr Jay Davidson

Parasites! Yuck! You might not know it, but you probably have them. Dr Jay Davidson explains what we can do about it – complete with rather gross illustrations of real life parasites! Joking aside this is an incredibly useful presentation.

Helen Saul Case

A Q&A with Helen Saul Case all about Women and Children’s Health Issues. Helen is extremely “pro-vitamin”, not surprising as she is the daughter of Andrew W Saul!

Andrew Saul

Another Q&A session, this time with the MegaVitamin Man himself. Andrew is recognized as the world’s foremost authority in vitamin supplementation. Learn from the Master.

Robert Scott Bell

Robert tackles all sorts of gut issues – and explains his own GUT protocol – in this Q&A that was part of the Live Longer extended interview series. You will learn a lot from this one.


Having this USB does NOT give you the right to post these interviews or films online. No more so than if you buy a movie on Amazon – although technically you “own” that film – you can’t put it on Youtube.

We are giving a limited number of people a chance to own all our stuff for pennies on the dollar – PLEASE don’t abuse the offer. Thanks.